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Digital Marketing is an innovative paradigm of traditional marketing solutions which is approached by everyone, small entrepreneur to huge organizations, individual to groups, executive to corporate. Gather more people at lesser budget.

Our Features

Meet challenges and beat tough competition through comprehensive marketing solutions being successfully offered by SEO Tech Experts, Gurgaon, India

Optimized Content

Optimal democratization of contents drag the web business to the top stairs of achievements. Great quality contents play vital role in search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Quality Links

Strong Link Building or High PR Backlinks through authoritative websites lead to greater impact or improvement of ranking in SERP though it proves time consuming less effective.

Competitor Analysis

Making continuous research & analysing competitor’s strengths and weakness helps to decide and make strategic attacks to beat them significantly and effectively.

High Conversion Rate

SWOT analysis towards accomplishment of business goals and heading towards accurate direction is the key essentials to capture target audience among huge competitive market.

Dedicated Staff

Joint moves grow faster than single step. Experienced and Qualified personnel keep on exploring the updated techniques and engaged in making research to provide timely & adequate services.

Performance Report

Measuring results through ways and correcting errors by implementing prompt actions may help to improve the performance continuously report of which circulated on monthly basis.

Profitable Traffic

Utilizing all the portable social media networking platforms to gather targeted audiences. Not only in Gurgaon, capturing world wide market to grow the stagnant traffic through our proven track record. Do not believe us at a glance, give us a chance to prove as best digital marketing company in India.

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About SEO Tech Experts Agency

SEO Tech Experts Company focused only on White hat SEO and follows the latest Google Algorithm which makes the Site visible to the customers for long time and brings organic search results for the successful business. We are involved into the SEO work since 2008 and we are able to achieve the targets of the company & Clients.

SEO Tech Expert believes in providing the quality services to the valuable customers and thus, we deals with the many of the Services such as Digital Marketing, PPC, Branding Promotion, SEO Friendly website designing, SEO Consultancy etc.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a major part of Internet Marketing. It can be defined as the activity of optimizing Web pages or whole sites in order to make them more search engine-friendly and thus getting higher position in search results. SEO is technical in nature which helps search engines to find and rank your website, out of millions of the other sites, in response to a search query.

In other word, It is highly recommendable to get your website SEO in order to make it more successful in terms of business and more visible in the search engines to get maximum response from the relevant clients.


SEO is a broader term of Internet marketing or online promotion. Its helps in various ways:

  • Getting the website visible or making it reachable to the maximum peoples through search queries
  • Promoting the company’s business and stepping up on the top results of search engines
  • Ensure growth to the new or small business by exploring new markets & increasing website traffic
  • Create brand & quality awareness
  • Build healthy competition though social media & online linking



WHY SEO Tech Experts ?

Simple yet vital reasons to opt SEO Tech Experts for website designing, digital marketing (SEO, SMO, SEM) activities in Gurgaon, India

  • Ethical Marketing

    Complete reliability on white hat Seo for long lasting effective results.

  • All-in-one Solution

    Unique platform providing complete web solutions at world-wide range.

  • Timely Execution

    Assign us with valuable task and we commit to complete quality work on time

  • Communication

    Be updated with progressive reports in terms of keywords & web audit report.



Nothing can be achieved heritage, lots of efforts to be put. Seo tech experts. Gurgaon mapping out what should we do or should not to optimize the website and to uplift the web business. Our success reveals through.

  • 600 + Happy Clients
  • Positive Feedback
  • Growing Working Team
  • World Wide Serving Locations

Digital Marketing Agency

Internet Marketing works through two techniques-1.On-Page Optimization, 2.Off-Page Optimization

On-page optimization can only be done on the pages of the website by targeting the keywords related to the on page content. Whereas Off –page Optimization is done through external sources or linking methods.

Though Off-Page optimization is the easiest way to get your website promoted but it is not as much supported by Google or various search engines. On-Page optimization is a more technical way to improve the ranking of your website by getting organic traffic and making it visible to maximum clients for 24 hours.

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Rank your website within 3 Months

Is it possible to get the top position within three months? Why it needs three months to rank the website? Can’t we get the results within one month? What are all the activities to be included to get the top ranking? Will top ranking result in high traffic and high ROI?

There can be lots of question rain in the mind of start-ups and small ventures who are striving hard to generate business while competing with the existing market. We all know it is not so easy to grab the whole market within a twist; it takes several months, years to make the firm more profitable. SEO services are the optimum way to analyze the consumer behaviors, to keep an eye on the competitors’ strategies, to update the web performance to meet the search engine criteria, to let the website crawl every time to have improved ranking. SEO Tech Experts, Gurgaon provides SEO services at an affordable cost through the collective efforts of a specialist team & certified SEO experts. Physically located in Gurgaon, the company has captured the whole India while delivering SEO consultancy services and online guidance through phone or email.

Organic results are based on the ethical SEO services only and that’s what the company initiates at every single step. SEO Tech Experts optimize the website thoroughly and work manually with using some amount of paid tools to offer effective and long term results which cannot be promised through Software-based tools & techniques. Read More…

Target Local audience through Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO? Can business through nearby area be profitable? How can the local searches be extended and increased? Will Google Local listing will be beneficial to target the audience? How can I extend by business to other cities through Local SEO services?

SEO Tech Experts have answers of these questions. Local SEO refers to promoting the web business through local keywords and in nearby areas. For example, targeting the Gurgaon may not be easy or may be time-consuming; else we can try to capture the market where our business is located. Suppose, if we have business in Sohna Road, so we can position the business within Sohna road, which will eventually help us to generate more convertible and profitable business leads. SEO Tech Experts specialized in verifying the local business through Google as it has partnered with this Search Engine. Google representative will come to your place to verify the address and to ensure the correct Google Local Listing Services.

SEO Tech Experts provides the Local SEO services to increase the more visibility through local audience which can be proven as a word of mouth. Positioning one local area will bring the confidence to target other areas one by one. Instead of targeting the whole country, step by step process can be utilized by promoting in local area, city, country and world to gain fruitful results. Local SEO based on- “Slow and steady wins the race”. Read More…

Planning to extend Social Presence

What is the difference between Social Media optimization and marketing? What are the Channels of SMO?  Will SMO services increase the traffic on the website or social page only? Is it costly or liberal? Is it beneficial for e-commerce industry or for all services & products related companies?

SMO or Social Media Optimization is an effective way to enhance online presence through social networking sites which are connecting millions of people altogether. These people are not close friends, yet they can be linked due to common reasons or purposeful ideas. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, StumbleUpon etc. are famous platforms to share and receive relevant information. SEO Tech Experts has a team of qualified engineers, SMO professionals, graphic designers, the Content writer who are serving collectively through joint efforts to popularize the business activities. SMO activities keep the audience engaged on that particular profile page.

Creating genuine buzz through millions of users is the best part of advertising and easy to through far-reaching impact. In fact, connecting through social media networking sites will generate more leads which are relevant and effortless. SEO Tech Experts creates and manage the profile page and updates the posts on daily basis to increase the number of outreach. Paid part of SMO i.e. SMM or Social Media Marketing proves to be an effective weapon to target relevant audience at fewer budgets. Acquire SMO services and position the web business on several social networking platforms to connect with billions of users. Read more…

Get Instant Traffic and Analyze Revenue

Which search engine is best to perform PPC? Is SEO profitable or PPC? How much budget can be used to get one genuine lead per day? Should we hire SEO services if PPC services are availed?

PPC or pay per click services are availed by the start-ups to generate instant clicks or traffic on the website or existing company may hire PPC Management Services to increase sales of newly launched products or services. PPC services are the paid the part of the promotion which helps in online conversion sooner or faster. SEO Tech Experts has gained an expertise in handling the PPC campaign by ensuring a maximum number of clicks by investing a small amount of investment. We guide the clients with the landing page creation, budget and keywords to be used and search engine through competitor’s analysis. Although there are several social engine platforms to undertake the PPC activities like Google, yahoo, Facebook, MSN, LinkedIn, but Google is taken as the most effective search engine to target a large number of audience. Google earns 98% profits through paid advertising.

We are located in Gurgaon and handling the large pace of traffic through effective PPC management skills adopted by our certified professionals. They make sure to create the best and impressive Paid campaigns to through using limited texts and appealing images for display ads. PPC or Google Adwords is an effective method to get instant client although it may prove to be costly if the bidding prices are comparatively higher.

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